Main dates in Hrant Karakhanyan’s life and creative work

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1952, June 4, born in Yerevan

1967, entered Music school named after Romanos Melikyan

1970-1975, entered and graduated from Yerevan State Institute of Art and Drama

1975-1976, military service in Soviet Army

1979, May, Placat and playbill First Republic exhibition, “Mime Theatre” work

1980, participated in Youth Art exhibition

1982, exhibition “ Yerevan and Yerevaners”, work “ Armenian woman”

1983, International exhibition USSR and CzSR, work “ Portrait of a girl”

1985, All-union water-color exhibition Byelorussia-Brest

1985, exhibition “Erebuni-Yerevan”

1985, exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic war

1985, worked in Yerevan State Opera house

1986, admitted to the Union of Armenian Artists

1987, married to Zhanna Gulamiryan

1989, worked in Armenian State museum of History

1989, exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia

1990, exhibition, Belgium

1991, “Gamma” exhibition in the Artist Central House (ACH), Moscow

1992, exhibition, ACH, Moscow

1993, exhibition, Hercev gallery, Moscow

1993, exhibition, Iglava, Czechia

1995, admitted in Artists’ International Federation (UNESCO)

1995, trip to Spain, Barcelona-Zherona

1996, one-man show, Yerevan

1997, exhibition, ACH, Moscow

1998, one-man show, Yerevan

1999, one-man show, “Bagira” gallery, Moscow

2001, onset of fatal disease

2001, exhibition “Dante in Armenian Art”, Yerevan-Italy

2001, exhibition dedicated to 1700 anniversary of Adoption of Christianity in Armenian, three presented

works were awarded by His Holiness Catholicos Garegin II

2001, exhibition, Abu-Dabi, AUE

2003, trip to Paris

2003, trip to Italy – Rome, Florence

2003, trip to Venice

2004, trip to Moscow

2004, was in poor health, but never ceased working

2005, passed away on October 18

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