Keenly feeling the inexhaustible inscrutability of theroutine life Hrant Karahanyan was inevitably to become creative personality.We, the mere mortals, now and then rush past the reality with dissipatedattitude towards the ambient life which, if scrutinize, is more fairy andsubtle than the most exotic impression. As to Hrant, he was endowed by naturewith a perceptiveness to notice something unique and magical in ordinary lifeand that ability gave him the reason not to hesitate over his future choice.During his shool years he was interested in those subjects which helped him toreveal the secrets of visible and imaginary world. After school when Hrant gotto learn painting, he began to think over the interconnection of earthly,physically visible phenomenon with its inner essence.

Life which was both instant and eternity.

Hrant deceased at the time when he had to realize a lot ofideas and creative plans. He was very artistic, interesting personality,philosopher, witty, honest, sometimes extreme, but never indifferent: he lovedlife. In his heart he was a musician, writer, actor, but he chosepainting to express his soul music with the help of lines and colors. There wasa volcano in his soul which could erupt then calm down to store up freshenergy. The same were Hrant’s works – sometimes tender, lyric, sometimes –passionate, expressive, but always kind and human. Hrant Karakhanyan was a painter of various genres. Hepainted landscapes, still-lives, portraits and compositions.

Letter to my friend and first teacher, artist HrantKarakhanyan You told me that being in Paris you often escaped into asmall Japanese shop. After noisy, eclectic streets and pressing you 20thcentury modern art you felt so entrancingly calm among Japanese masters’ far-fetched engravings, fans, treasure-boxes and folding screens made by the peoplefor whom beauty is the essence of life and aesthetics has become religion. AndLouver was the place where you could enjoy the grandeur spirit, mightyworkmanship of Titian, Velasquez, and Rembrandt. Your art studio was your calm and retired world which I seelooking at your landscapes – in a milky, foggy haze there is a calm andnonfictional land, silver-green mountain with the outlines of the city, thevibrating surface of the canvas…

Genuine talent is endowed and led by equally strong meritsin addition to his devotion to work and modesty. It is our past and unfair lifeof shattered criteria and unsteady human relationship which has apparently accountedfor our ignorance about such a sensitive man like Hrant Karakhanyan and his creativity.

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