Hripsime Kocharyan - artist

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Life which was both instant and eternity.

Hrant deceased at the time when he had to realize a lot ofideas and creative plans. He was very artistic, interesting personality,philosopher, witty, honest, sometimes extreme, but never indifferent: he lovedlife. In his heart he was a musician, writer, actor, but he chosepainting to express his soul music with the help of lines and colors. There wasa volcano in his soul which could erupt then calm down to store up freshenergy. The same were Hrant’s works – sometimes tender, lyric, sometimes –passionate, expressive, but always kind and human. Hrant Karakhanyan was a painter of various genres. Hepainted landscapes, still-lives, portraits and compositions. He made use of various technical devices, but later oil andpastel became close to his heart. Especially pastel, it became the basicmaterial as it gave him an opportunity to work quicker. Hrant often went back to landscape genre creating lyric andtender pictures of nature. He depicted Armenian nature, villages huddling inthe lap of mountains. Trips to Europe also gave him rich material which wasexpressed in different genres, styles and devices. Special place was given to the Venice subject: a lot ofcanvases depicting carnivals; and Spanish theme with its passionate dances. Speaking about portrait genre one must say that the painterdepicted his contemporaries’ real and sincere images, emphasizing the sitters’individuality, mood and most characteristic features. With special delicacy hecreated the image of an Armenian man in traditional dress showing harmonybetween soul and appearance. Like most of painters Hrant sometimes tried to revealhimself by painting self-portrait. In his self-portraits you can’t find anysense of presumption or self-satisfaction, the painter only wanted to studyhimself thoroughly penetrating into his own heart and soul. He deceased when he already became a Master. A master knowsthe value of eternity. Life is an instant merely the station where a painterestablishes himself and leaves his imprint. The imprint, left by Hrant is bright, lyric, full ofdisappointments and, no doubt, of love.

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